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Headline News Now Apartment News September 1, 20205 things to know: 1 September 2020. “Economy extended-stay hotel demand in July grew 1.2% compared to 2019, “the first such gain in demand reported by any segment of the hotel industry in the last six months,” [said Mark Skinner.]

Hotel Business August 20, 2020The Highland Group: Extended-Stay Hotel Occupancy Premium at Record Level. “Extended-stay hotels are widening their occupancy premium despite smaller reductions in ADR compared to the overall hotel industry,” said Mark Skinner, partner at The Highland Group.

Asian Hospitality August 19, 2020Report: Extended-Stay Hotels On Top In First Half Of 2020. [Mark Skinner] said “Economy and mid-price extended-stay demand in June was almost back up to March levels.”

Asian Hospitality July 10, 2020Short-Term Rentals Outpacing Hotels During Pandemic. [Mark Skinner] says “This is partly because staying in the units, which are mainly one and two‐bedroom apartments, requires minimal physical contact with guest service personnel and other guests compared to a hotel.”

Short Term Rentalz July 9, 2020The Highland Group and AllTheRooms partner for US rental report. [Mark] Skinner added: “Airbnb’s recommendation that its landlords pivot to longer-term guests was a good one given the relatively strong performance of short-term rentals and extended-stay hotels.”

Headline News Now Apartment News July 8, 20205 things to know: 8 July 2020. “Focusing on longer-term guests and minimal physical contact with renters are key factors resulting in relatively strong performance for the short-term rental sector,” said Mark Skinner, partner at The Highland Group.

Serviced Apartment News June 3, 2020US economy extended stay RevPAR is double that of luxury sector in April. “The latest figures from The Highland Group show that the economy extended stay hotels reported average RevPAR of $29.78 in April, around double that of the luxury sector.”

Hotel News Now June 2, 20205 things to know: 2 June 2020. “Extended-stay hotels, especially the economy segment, should continue to demonstrate RevPAR loss resilience during the foreseeable future,” Mark Skinner, partner at The Highland Group, said in an email.

Asian Hospitality May 14, 2020Extended-Stay Hotels End First Quarter Better Than Most. “The re-opening of mid-price and upscale extended-stay hotels will increase competition within the sector but should limit falls in overall extended-stay hotel ADR and help keep RevPar declines lower than the overall hotel industry,” said Mark Skinner, a partner at the Highland Group.

Business Insider April 28, 2020Airbnb says it’s going to focus on longer-term stays, but analysts worry its short-term rental roots will make it hard to grad a piece of the $18 billion market. “Regardless, the longer-term stay market is not only sizeable, it’s one that no company has yet dominated. And because the types of properties listed on Airbnb — apartments, houses, rooms inside homes — are well-suited for longer-term stays, the company could become a significant player in the space,” [Mark] Skinner said.

BISNOW April 21, 2020Blackstone, Starwood Bet On The Long-Term Stay Segment’s Resilience “There is a significant residential guest component in economy extended stay hotels,” Mark Skinner, a partner at hotel consultancy Highland Group.

Hotel News Now April 21, 2020Extended-stay hotels poised to weather drop in travel “The segment that will be affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic the least will be the extended-stay product, particularly those in the economy chain-scale segment,” said Mark Skinner, partner at The Highland Group.

Hotel Business April 8, 2020The Highland Group: Economy Extended-Stay Shows Resilience “Economy ex