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Hotel News Now July 12, 2021Independent-Focused Hotel Managers Add More Soft Brands as Segment Grows. “Whenever these types of properties get together under a management umbrella, it provides them with a larger platform for customized marketing, reservation tools and that identity that makes you different and unique from the traditional product,” [Kim Bardoul] said.

Hotel News Now July 9, 2021Economy Extended-Stay Hotels Recover Faster Than Higher Tiers Within Segment. “This time around, extended-stay hotels did not discount rate as deeply as the rest of the hotel industry, making it easier to build back rate, Skinner said. Economy extended-stay hotels have been seeing monthly rate increases since December 2020.”

Hotel News Now June 29, 20215 things to know for June 29: Extended-Stay Hotels’ Recovering Faster Than Past Downturns. “A new report from The Highland Group shows that in April 2021, extended-stay hotels’ revenue per available room reached 90% of its nominal value in April 2019.” [said Mark Skinner]

Business Travel News June 28, 2021Report: U.S. Extended-Stay Occupancy Nearly Reaches ’19 Level. “Occupancy at U.S. extended-stay hotels in April returned almost entirely to April 2019 levels, recovering from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a new report from The Highland Group.”

Hotel News Now June 3, 2021Extended-Stay Hoteliers Pay to Strengths, Step Up Growth. “U.S. extended-stay hotel room supply grew 3.9% in 2020, even as overall hotel supply decreased about 3.6%,” said moderator Mark Skinner, partner at The Highland Group.

Hotel News Now June 3, 20215 things to know for June 3: Mid-Price, Upscale Hotels ‘Powered’ Extended-Stay Segment. “According to The Highland Group’s latest data, mid-price and upscale extended-stay hotels “powered extended-stay hotel occupancy to 75.5% in April 2021,” [said Mark Skinner.]

Hotel News Now May 28, 2021A Look at Boutique, Soft-Brand Hotel Supply and Performance. “Compared to branded hotels in the industry, independent boutique hotels and soft brands fared somewhat better throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to The Highland Group’s Boutique Hotel Report 2021.

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