Testimonials & References


The following are references and testimonials from a sample of our longest standing clients.

The Highland Group has done several feasibility studies in the past and we have always found their reports to be timely and accurate.

Several years ago they did a study for a Holiday Inn Express and Suites in the Mt Pleasant, SC area and now that the property has been operating for 5 years we are able to compare the projections of The Highland Group to the actual operating financials.

It is amazing that their projections for occupancy and rate are almost dead on with the actual, if anything, they were conservative.

Because of these results, we commissioned The Highland Group for another study on another hotel in the downtown Charleston area which is now under construction.

We get calls from folks that are interested in buying or building a hospitality property and without fail we recommend The Highland Group as the first step in the due diligence process.

They are timely, accurate and provide the most current information and recommendations on any type on hospitality property. As the owners of soon to be 4 hotels in Charleston SC, we would not use anyone else if we considering buying or building another property.

Jay Keenan, Managing Partner, The French Quarter Inn, Charleston, SC

The Highland Group was sought for Rome’s feasibility study solely based on their professional reputation they have earned in our industry of creating thorough studies and complete documentation for their clients. Due diligence was key for us to have the proof that either a project could be supported or not. Highlands not only provided their services within a set time line but were accessible throughout the process. Rome will continue to recommend their services!

Lisa J. Smith, Executive Director, The Greater Rome Convention & Visitors Bureau

We have been working with the Highland Group for many years. Their depth of market knowledge and insight are just a few of the many reasons that we continue to utilize their services. Their additional strength in the Extended Stay and Boutique segments has also proven to be especially valuable. I would recommend The Highland Group wholeheartedly to anyone requiring market study or feasibility analyses.

Mitch Patel, President & CEO, Vision Hospitality Group, Inc.

We use The Highland Group to confirm our internal assessment of a given brand at a specific location. When our investors put eight figures at risk for a new project, they find comfort in a professional, informed revenue forecast.

The Highland Group has earned its superb reputation in the industry. Our lenders respect the fact that we build all of our revenue projections directly from The Highland Group’s numbers. And why not? They nearly always closely parallel our internal projections, and they’re also borne out in the marketplace.

Our real-world stabilized revenue numbers are always close to the HG forecasts for Hilton and Marriott products. The Highland Group’s early ramp-up projections are conservative – we always beat them – and that’s the type of ‘miss’ that our stakeholders like to see.

David Hogg, CEO, Springwood Companies

The Highland Group Hospitality Advisors are the only firm we have used to conduct our market feasibility studies on prospective hotel acquisitions and development projects for the past 10 years. I have found their work to be incredibly thorough and their conclusions to be both insightful and well-reasoned.

The Highland Group will continue to be our “go to” choice and I will continue to recommend them to others without hesitation.

Nick Newman, Managing Partner, Soundview Real Estate Partners

After seeing The Highland Group’s work on a variety of projects, I appreciate them for their passion for hotels, ingenuity in researching a market, and their ability to add value to the development project through their insight into competing products.

Larry Spelts, Business Development & Investment Strategy, Charlestowne Hotels

The Highland Group has been a true partner with Fenley Real Estate since 2000. Highland has worked with Fenley on hotel feasibility studies in the Louisville Metro area and other locations in the United States. The services provided by Mark Skinner, Conni Atkinson, Kim Bardoul and the entire Highland team have been imperative for successful developments throughout the years. This team of professionals has been receptive and responsive to our needs. We have been very pleased with our relationship with the The Highland Group.

David Fenley, Owner/President, Fenley Real Estate