The Boutique Hotel Report 2021


The Boutique Hotel Report 2021 is an annual comprehensive resource for data as it relates to the boutique hotel product.

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The report includes:

  • Definition of lifestyle, soft brand collections and independent boutique hotels
  • Analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic impact in 2020 on each boutique segment by class groupings as they relate to comparable franchised hotels
  • Performance of class groupings for each boutique segment including occupancy, ADR, supply, demand and revenues from 2013 through 2020
  • Detail showing room distribution of each boutique segment by class, property size and affiliation
  • Detail showing room distribution of lifestyle and soft brand collections by brand
  • Change in US market share from 2010 for each segment
  • Distribution analysis throughout the 100 largest MSA’s indicating opportunity for boutique hotel development

The Boutique Hotel Report 2021, our 7th annual edition, is a comprehensive resource for developers, operators, lenders and brands as they pursue hotel development.

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